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Occupational Therapist

Our Occupational Therapist aims to enhance and maximise function, independence and quality of life by developing and maintaining people’s ability to remain living in their own homes with everyday occupations.

Our first step will be getting to know you. The Occupational Therapist will spend time with you to understand how they can assist you with general mobility and health.  They will discuss your goals, current supports and programs, and how they can further help in improving your skills in the home and the community to achieve your goals. In addition, the Occupational Therapist will aim to assist you with returning to or increasing your ability to take part in any hobbies or enjoyable activities that are meaningful to you and can help support your wellness and independence.

The Occupational Therapist may assist you to consider different ways of doing everyday activities to suit your needs:

  • build your understanding by promoting good habits and new skills to enable you to go about your daily activities including looking at self-care activities and returning to those activities that are important to you
  • working in partnership with your health care team to assist you to reach your goals

Our Occupational Therapist may make recommendations regarding modifications and equipment that enable you to be more independent in your home and the community.

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