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SAFE series workshop – 20 November 2018

01 Nov 2018




The SAFE book series

The NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian (OCG) is holding a FREE workshop for organisations who provide services to children under 6 years. Sam, Andy, Fiona, and Eve are the stars of the SAFE series a set of four books containing protective behaviour messages aimed at children 2-6 years.

The books support the rights of children and promote them having a voice. Helping children identify the parts of their body that are private, understand their feelings and encourage them to think about five people who they trust to help them if they feel scared, sad or upset.

The OCG has also developed a guide to help workers in organisations deliver the series. In creating the guide we considered the advice of professionals in protective behaviours and experienced pre-school workers. Child care workers should familiarise themselves with the guide before using the books.

MSS Café, 78 Wynter Street, Taree NSW 2430

Participants who attend the training will receive a set of books and links to the animations, resources and eBooks.

On 20 November at 10am to 12pm

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This workshop is supported by MSS.

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