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Community Visitors Scheme

22 May 2017

The Community Visitor Scheme is designed to support the elderly in nursing homes.  Residents may have none or only a few family members in the area who can visit them regularly, so our volunteers fill the gap by visiting their designated resident once a fortnight.

Nursing homes are very welcoming of volunteers who visit one on one, as it adds pleasure to the quality of life of so many residents who benefit from the program.

Peter, one of our friendly volunteers,  has been seeing Lloyd for about 5 years now.  Peter visits Lloyd every fortnight on a Thursday at the same time at the nursing home . Peter also visits another gentleman in another nursing home.


CVS Photo

As a volunteer, the program makes you feel like you are giving back to the older community, which once gave so much for us. The required time is 1 hour per fortnight, however you can visit as often as you like.

One of our volunteers quoted “helping people smile, taking them for a walk, saying hello to others I have met, it makes me feel good helping others”.

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