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Parenting Programs


 MSS offers a wide variety of accredited parenting programs to assist parents to develop strategies and learn new skills. These programs are usually run through the school term within school hours.

Triple P Parenting

Triple P is a program to assist parents with strategies to manage childhood behaviour problems. This program helps develop positive and caring parent/child relationships, with strategies for dealing with common behavioural and developmental issues.  

123 Magic

A simple, easy to use program to manage difficult behaviour and improve relationships between parents and their children. The program provides tools for disciplining children without  yelling, arguing, or smacking and for parenting difficult behaviours in a peaceful manner. For parents with children 2-12 years.

Circle of Security

A program which focusses on how to strengthen relationships with children, helps to understand children’s needs and behaviours and offers ways to respond to these needs and behaviours.

Bringing Up Great Kids

We believe parents have the most important job in the world ……. and perhaps the most difficult!   We can help parents to find new ways to understand children and discover why children behave the way they do.  This program aims to strengthen relationships between parents and children and to discover more about parenting styles.

Drum Beat

DRUMBEAT is an acronym for Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes, and Thoughts. The program works through many different relationship themes such as identity and social responsibility, values, dealing with emotions, peer pressure, harmony, communication and teamwork.

Tuning in to Teens

A 6 week program for parents of adolescents aged 11-18 years, to help parents understand their own emotions, understand teens’ emotions and behaviour, develop greater connection and better communication with teens, help and guide teens to manage their emotions and behaviours, and teach them to deal with conflict.

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