Manning Support Services Inc.


Press Release

15 Feb 2017

Manning Support Services Inc. [MSS] President, Mave Richardson, recently announced the resignation of MSS CEO, Ms Tracey Lawson, and the appointment of Acting MSS CEO, Ms Nikki Clancy. Ms Lawson will be moving on to take up the position of Business Development Manager with Valley Industries.

MSS provides a range of support services for residents of the sub region of the Manning Valley, Port Macquarie, Great Lakes and Gloucester areas.

“Tracey moved to the Manning Valley to take up the position of CEO with MSS. She held that position for nearly two years. Tracey was committed to MSS values and introduced some new directions for us all. We wish her every success in the future,” said Mave.

Upon her departure, Tracey said, “In my time with MSS I have had the great pleasure of working alongside a committed Board and a passionate team of staff and volunteers who have continued to provide the highest quality of services to hundreds of vulnerable people in our communities.”

Formerly the MSS Manager Connected Families, Nikki Clancy has stepped up to the Acting CEO position. “Nikki is an experienced staff member who is dedicated to the aspirations of MSS. She is looking forward to the challenges ahead and we are all looking forward to working with her and the whole MSS team to continue delivering quality services in our communities,” said President Mave.


Mave Richardson [left] Nikki Clancy [right]

Manning Support Services Inc.