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Home delivered meals

My Meals offers a delicious variety of prepared meals that are guaranteed to tempt the most discerning of palates.

The meals are cooked fresh daily in our onsite kitchen by our chef and his team of staff and volunteers. They are delivered hot or frozen, depending on the distance the client lives from the MSS kitchen and also the client’s preferences.

Meals can be provided for lunch and/or dinner with no ordering obligations. The client can choose to order meals as frequently or infrequently as desired.

Our My Meals service covers much of the MidCoast and Port Macquarie Hastings Council areas.

Our menu is designed for choice, with all menu items available each and every day. Our menu is seasonal and offers delicious, fresh meals including many old favourites.

All meals are priced in a way that clients only pay for the ingredients used. Through careful inventory control, MSS is able to manage these costs and ensure the savings are passed on to the client.

Please call our office on 02 6551 1800 for more information regarding eligibility or for guidance through the intake process.

MSS My Meals presents:

12 Meals of Winter

Available 30 May 2022 to 26 August 2022

Main meals $4 each

Meal 1 – Roast Turkey & Veg (GF, DF)

Juicy sliced Turkey Breast with Chunky Roasted Vegetables & Mixed Vegetables served with a rich Gluten Free Gravy & Cranberry sauce.

Meal 2 – Veal Schnitzel & Veg

A tender Crumbed Veal Schnitzel & Gravy served with White Potato Mash & Mixed Vegetables.

Meal 3 – Braised Beef & Onions (GF)

Slow cooked Beef Chunks, softened in an Onion Jus, cooked to tender perfection. Served with White Potato Mash & Mixed Vegetables.

Meal 4 – Chicken & Veg Pie

A delicious Chicken & Vegetable Pie served with White Potato Mash & Mixed Vegetables.

Meal 5 – Creamy Garlic Prawns & Rice (GF)

Large Australian King Prawns, topped with a Creamy Garlic Sauce & Shallots served with White Rice & Mixed Vegetables.

Meal 6 – Cheese Kransky & Cabbage (Pork)

Tasty baked Cheese Kransky served with Rich Gravy, Braised Cabbage, White Potato Mash & Mixed Vegetables.

Meal 7 – Cottage Pie (GF)

Beef mince, in a rich tomato & Worcestershire Sauce, combined with fine cut Mixed Vegetables. Finished with Cheesy Mashed Potato.

Meal 8 – Roast Lamb & Veg (GF, DF)

Tender slices of Roasted Lamb, Chunky Baked Vegetables & Mixed Vegetables served with a rich Gluten Free Gravy & a dollop of Mint Sauce.

Meal 9 – Pea & Ham Soup (DF)

This classic Chunky Soup served with a Crusty Bread Roll & Butter is the perfect comfort food on a winter’s day.

Meal 10 – Beef Lasagna

Rich home style Lasagna with Layered Pasta Sheets, Bolognaise & Béchamel Sauce topped with Cheddar & Parmesan Cheese.

Meal 11 – Sweet & Sour Fish

Rice Pieces of Tempura Battered Fish topped with a Tangy Sweet and Sour Sauce served on a bed of White Rice.

Meal 12 Pickled Pork (GF)

Our slow cooked Pickled Pork is cooked to perfection, served with a homemade White Mustard Sauce , White Mash & Mixed Vegetables.

Desserts $2 each

Dessert 1 – Jelly, Fruit & Custard
Dessert 2 – Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake
Dessert 3 – Orange & Poppy Seed Cake
Dessert 4 – Chocolate Caramel Slice

Please refer to our original My Meals Menu or chat to our friendly staff for alternative side & vegetable options or for further information in regard to our service and or your dietary needs.
This 12 Meals of Winter Menu will run between 30/05/22 and 26/08/22.
All My Meals packaging is 100% recyclable.

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