Manning Support Services Inc.

Our Planning Process


 MSS undertakes a cyclic planning process whereby a new strategic plan is co-developed every 3 years and approved by the MSS Board of Directors.

The process we undertake is comprehensive and is inclusive but not limited to the following:

  1. Environmental scan and internal scan
    1. 1 Where are we placed in our region, internal organisational health check and SWOT
  2. Identify key issues for current and potential clients and our communities,
    1. 2 What questions do we need to ask and what strategic choices may be possible
  3. Develop our strategic intent
  4. Develop a series of overall broad goals
  5. Develop the organisations key strategies
  6. Develop key performance indicators on the key strategies
  7. Finalise the strategic Plan
  8. Communicate the Strategic plan to clients, staff, volunteers and the wider community
  9. Strategy execution
    1. 3 Implement, continuous monitoring and regular reviews

Planning Process

The strategic plan is reviewed and then updated during this time to ensure the document reflects the organisations overall strategic goals.

To ensure the strategic plan objectives are met, each of the four MSS departments co-develop their teams operational plans. Operational plans are then  reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Each individual staff member then develops a work plan that is reflective of key tasks and responsibilities from their team’s operational plan.

Manning Support Services Inc.